Unlimited Online Storage for October 2016

Anyone who works with large photos, videos or work files can benefit greatly from unlimited online storage. Just a few years ago, the idea seemed ridiculous. But as file sizes continue to bloat and high speed internet speeds up, unlimited online file storage is becoming a high-demand service. Even better: the prices for unlimited file storage have dropped sharply over the past few years.

Here are our top 3 unlimited online storage picks:

Rank Site Why? Price Trial Visit
#1 Cheap, Easy-to-use $4.49/mo 14 days
#2 Great options $6.00/mo 14 days
#3 Simple to learn $4.49/mo 14 days

About Unlimited Online File Storage Services

Finding a place to store large files can become a difficult and expensive challenge in itself. A large collection of big files requires big hard drives, expensive external hard drives or an obscene number of DVDs. The physical storage space alone can cause problem for file storage – not to mention the cost of purchasing and maintaining storage equipment.

The same challenges also plague people who need to share large files. If you have ever tried to send a large file over e-mail to someone, you probably already know how difficult that can be. E-mail attachment limitations and time-outs make it pretty much impossible to e-mail large files to other people. Unlimited online file storage can be used to share files of any size with anyone you want.

Best Unlimited Online File Storage Companies

The best unlimited online storage backup companies are the ones listed right on this page. We have ranked these companies in order of our preferences, but they are all high quality places to store important files. The key to choosing one of these companies is to consider your needs and then compare the top file storage sites.

There are several things we consider when choosing the best unlimited file storage companies:

  • Security
  • Pricing plans
  • Reliability
  • File storage features

We place the highest priority on security when ranking unlimited online file storage sites. People don’t store files that they don’t care about. No matter how much space a data storage company offers, we always place security at the top of the list. Once the security measures have been established, we then move down the list to come up with our rankings.

Prices of Unlimited File Storage

The prices of unlimited online backup storage space can vary by a wide range depending on which company you join and how much storage space you actually use. Some storage companies offer unlimited space for a flat monthly fee while others charge based on how much space your files occupy each month. As long as you stick with a reputable storage company, the prices you pay for storage will be reasonable.

Pure backup services tend to offer the lowest prices for unlimited online file storage. Companies such as Carbonite give you unlimited storage for a flat fee. You do not pay per gigabyte or anything like that. It’s just a flat fee and you get as much data as you need. However, the catch is that you can only back up the data from one computer. The most storage space you will get from a pure backup company is limited to the size of your hard drive.

Other storage services such as those that let you store files from any computer and sync files across multiple computers tend to go with a pay-as-you-use payment plan. A common pricing plan that we see at these file storage sites is something where everyone gets a few gigs free and then pays $0.15 per gigabyte used after that. These storage companies are the most flexible, but they can become expensive if you actually end up storing large amounts of data.

Free Unlimited Online File Storage

Believe it or not, free unlimited online file storage does exist. There are several free services out there that give you as much storage space as you need without charging you a thing. There are restrictions (of course) that may or may not cause problems.

Let’s talk about the top free unlimited online storage services and explain how they work. If these companies are not what you need, I also have recommendations for cheap unlimited file storage services that might work better.

1. Mediafire.com

Mediafire is a barebones file hosting service that gives all users unlimited storage space. The biggest drawback to using Mediafire is that you are limited to files of 200 MB or less. Additionally, you cannot store files for the long term. And finally, you have to view a splash screen before you can download your files.

Mediafire works well for temporary file storage, but the 200 MB max file size is a major limitation. The splash screen may also be a turnoff if you share files with clients or coworkers. Paid versions of Mediafire remove these restrictions, but the cheap services listed below give you more features and better pricing plans.


2. CrashPlan

CrashPlan is a free service that backs your files up to other computers that you own or to external hard drives. I’m not sure if you can consider CrashPlan a true free unlimited online file storage plan because it does not back up files to the cloud. It only backs them up to other computers.

If you have computer savvy friends, you can invite them to join your CrashPlan account. You and your friends can then back up files to each other’s computer. This option allows both of you to use offsite backup without paying for it. The biggest limitation to CrashPlan is that it does not store your files online. You cannot access remote files unless both computers are on and connected to the internet.


Almost Free Unlimited Online Storage

The above two options work well for very specific purposes, but they both have big limitations. My personal preference is to pay a little money for true unlimited online file storage. The pricing plans for these services are affordable for almost any budget.

Best (almost) free unlimited online storage companies:

  1. ZipCloud
  2. Backblaze
  3. Carbonite

These three tools all have pricing plans that go as low as $5 a month. You can store as much data online as you want and never have to worry about being charged for extra storage. There are no limitations to how much space you can use.

There are two major advantages that these almost free unlimited online storage tools offer over the others listed above. The first: you can store, download and share your files as often as you want. There are no storage limitations or download limitations.

The second advantage is that these tools are easy to use. All you have to do is install the backup software and the tool will work in the background to back up your data. You do not have to manually upload and download files with these tools.

Bonus advantage: these online file storage tools come with additional features such as direct download links, file syncing and simple file sharing. The low prices and additional features make these services a great value for anyone with data storage needs.