Cubby: The latest Dropbox Alternative

Just last week I compiled a list of Dropbox alternatives and already another one is making itself known. This latest entrant to the storage market focuses primarily on file syncing. The advantage that Cubby offers over other file syncing services is that it comes with zero limitations for storage space.

At the most basic level, Cubby is a file syncing program that you can set up between any number of computers that you own. Hook both of those computers to the internet and Cubby will let you sync files and folders between both computers. There are both pros and cons to this setup.

First, Cubby is cheaper than other file syncing services. A one-time purchase will get you unlimited file syncing for life. You can use as much space as you want and Cubby will never step in and ask you for money.

The downside here is that Cubby uses peer-to-peer file transfers to sync your files. This means that both computers must be on at the same time to use Cubby. This is the biggest disadvantage when you compare Cubby to Dropbox or Both of those other services allow you to work offline. When you reconnect to the internet, Dropbox and update all changes automatically.

On the other hand, Cubby does come with 5 GB of free online storage. If you use the online storage option, Cubby is able to sync between computers without forcing both computers to remain online at the same time. If you need more space, you can always purchase additional storage space from Cubby.

Working in Cubby’s favor is a strong file versioning system. This feature saves older versions of files that you store online and it does not count those versions towards your limit. So if you accidentally delete a file that you needed to keep, you can log in to Cubby and retrieve a previous version of that file.

Cubby isn’t perfect but it’s a solid alternative to other file syncing options out there. The service gives you unlimited space, which is useful if you need to transfer large files between computers regularly. Paid syncing services give you better offline access, but they can get expensive if you need a lot of space.

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