Unlimited Online Backup for October 2016

What most people like about unlimited online backup is the simplicity it offers. With an unlimited online backup plan, you don’t have to keep track of how much space you’re using. You can just set up your backup software and rest easy knowing that everything is being backed up.

Unlimited online backup plans are surprisingly cheap. There are several services available right now that offer unlimited storage space for as low as $5 a month. These companies have absolutely zero restrictions on how much storage space you can use. The flat rates give you the assurance that you won’t wake up one morning with a big “overuse” bill.

Best Unlimited Online Backup Companies

There are three companies in particular that I like for unlimited backup. Each of these companies gives you all the space you need for a flat rate. You can pay on a month-by-month basis or you can order a year or two in advance. The more you order up front, the cheaper it is per month.

Here are our Top 3 Unlimited Backup Picks:

Rank Site Why? Price Trial Visit
#1 Automated Cloud Backup, Cheap $4.49/mo 14 days
#2 Great Options, Reliable $6.00/mo 14 days
#3 Simple, Automated Backup $4.49/mo 14 days

You can give any of these companies a try with a free trial membership. The free trial will give you a taste of the service and then you can decide if you want to pay for it. If you’re still not entirely sold, you might want to try a one month membership first. A monthly contract costs a little more, but it will save you money if you decide you don’t like the service.

However, I’m sure you’ll like the service. These three companies all know how to run a good business. They provide adequate customer support and they make it easy to back up your files online. All you have to do is install the software, choose your files and let it work.

Free Unlimited Online Backup

Free unlimited online backup is tough to find today. Storage space always costs money and you won’t ever get a truly unlimited backup solution without paying something. The good news is that some of the above unlimited backup providers will give you as much storage space as you need for less than $5 a month.

There are some unlimited storage providers that are free to use, but these are more like file sharing sites than actual backup sites. For example, Mediafire.com offers unlimited storage space for free. However, there are limitations to these services. You are mostly limited to uploading files one at a time and to files of a certain size.

Additionally, free file storage sites such as Mediafire.com do not come with automatic backup software. You are responsible for uploading your files whenever they change. You cannot just pick a few files on your computer and let it sit. For that reason, I think you’re better off with one of the paid solutions mentioned above.

The best use for free unlimited online backup providers such as Mediafire.com is for backing up single files. If you only have a couple of large files that you need to back up, this might be the best solutions. However, it does not work well if you frequently update those files and need to keep them up to date. You can look at free unlimited backup as a long term storage vault for your files.

Difference Between Backup and Storage

I’d like to make an important distinction between backup and storage. Backup services only back up the data that you have stored on your computer and external hard drive. You cannot use an unlimited online backup service to store files online and delete them off your computer.

Online file storage companies can afford to offer unlimited backup plans because they know that most computer users won’t use a ton of space. The few people who do store terabytes of data online are balanced out by all the light users. This makes it possible for the company to offer unlimited online backup without going bankrupt.

If you need to actually store files online and make room on your computer, there are other options for you. In that case, I recommend a service such as ADrive. That company has storage plans of all sizes (up to 10 TB). You can store as much data online as you want and free up space on your home computer.

File storage services such as ADrive charge you per GB for the space you use. They have to do this because if they just gave you unlimited storage, people could just hook up a hundred computers to one account for $5 a month or whatever. It would be impossible to maintain an unlimited pricing structure for an unlimited storage provider.

You can read more about unlimited storage below:

So to recap:

If you need unlimited online backup: go with one of the three services recommended above. These services mimic the files that you have on your computer. Anything you delete off your home computer will eventually (30 days in most cases) be deleted off the storage servers.

If you need unlimited online storage: go with a company such as ADrive. You can store as many files online as you want. You can also delete files off your home computer to free up space. Those files will be maintained on the remote data servers.

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