Backblaze Feature Busts a Drug Dealer


The Backblaze “Locate My Computer” feature is a free service that helps people find lost or stolen computers. This feature comes with all backup plans at no extra cost. If your computer ever goes missing, you can log in to your Backblaze account to see the last known location of your computer.

Locate My Computer only works if the missing computer is connected to the internet at some point. In most cases, this points to theft. Once the new owner connects to the internet, Backblaze will make note of the IP address and any available Wi-Fi networks. This information is used to find your computer.

One blogger had the unfortunate experience of putting this feature to good use. Not only was he able to track down his computer, but he also helped bust a known drug dealer. It all started when the blogger parked his car on a sketchy side street in Detroit. Upon returning from lunch, he found his computer missing.

The blogger filed a police report but didn’t expect much to happen. However, he later remembered that he had a subscription to Backblaze’s unlimited backup service. He logged in to his Backblaze account from a different computer and activated the “Locate My Computer” feature.

Within a few days, the thief had connected the computer to the internet and Backblaze was able to locate the computer. The thief also saved several photos of an SUV parked in front of his house as a part of a Craigslist ad. The blogger saw those new pictures, nabbed the street address and took this information back to the Detroit Police Department.

Detroit Police noted that this same house was also the location of a suspected drug dealer. With this latest information on hand, the police were able to obtain a search warrant for the house in question. Not only did the police recover the stolen computer, but they also found significant amounts of marijuana that were intended for distribution.

The thief happened to be away from home at the time, but he is now being hunted down by two different police agencies. The thief was already on probation for a previous crime and will now be facing even more legal trouble.

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